Benefits for libraries

Users of openABEKT benefit from documentation based on standards, easy management, contemporary presentation and open access to their content. It is the best way to showcase, not only your catalogue’s uniqueness and value, but also the investment you have done in your library. Daily work is done in less time and more reliably, even by non experienced cataloguers. This is achieved by the user friendly openABEKT platform and the help you get from all the support suite of services, eLearning, eKnowledgeBase and eHelpdesk.
Moreover, you enable significant savings to be made, as the service is cloud-based, so no complex technologies are required, nor additional human resources for the maintenance, storage and preservation of your library’s content. All you need to use the service is a workstation with a good internet connection and a browser. We look after everything else, with our EKT Cloud Service, according to the subscription package you opt for. This way you can safeguard your resources sustainably from damage, man error and outmoded and cumbersome systems.
Using openABEKT enables your library to participate in collaborative action, such as inter-library loans or developing a collab catalogue and widen your suite of services to your user communities.

Benefits for your users

Your library patrons and user communities benefit from you using openABEKT, as they enjoy an efficient, state of the art service.
With your open public catalogue in openABEKT, your community of users can access authoritative content, both digital and analogue, which they can use in education, life-long learning, research, edutainment, tourism, etc. This content is open, ensuring the best conditions for being re-usable to develop new added benefit services and products. openABEKT contributes to your library outreach and community development, as it helps develop digital skills, it facilitates access to organized and quality digital content, which supports the daily professional, social and personal needs of the local community.
Today, more than ever, libraries are called to act as an ambassador for their informational and educational role. Operating in a complex environment of rapid and constant information flow, communications technologies continuous advancement and user demands for easy and quick access to information, the library user communities can benefit significantly from state of the art services such as openABEKT. openABEKT fully covers the libraries’ needs in information for professional, social use and entertainment. Especially when it comes to Open Science, one of the most important developments in Europe and the world, openABEKT as a Service contributes to the research techniques development, reference using, familiarization with digital work flows and augments the available for research digital content.

Benefits for education

If you are a library belonging to an educational organziation, with openABEKT, you can offer significant benefits to the educational community you are serving. Education libraries that offer digital services and tools, when manned by skilled librarians and informed personnel, through collaboration with students and teachers, they can develop into networked learning environments. They promote critical thinking and digital literacy skills and they support Digital School, the Greek Ministry’s educational transformation campaign. They support multi-literacy, offer a rounded education and contribute to academic success. Acting as learning organizations, they listen to the needs and particularities of their communities and respond to them by becoming more welcoming. They help lessen drop our rates, they facilitate life long learning and promote equal access for all. The educational and local communities benefit from learning lifelong learning skills and feel supported into materializing a shared educational vision.
The local community served by such a library become members of a wider community that utilizes the national investment in digital authoritative content, making the most of good practice applications and nationwide infrastructures,  while becoming better at finding and using primary sources. The longstanding information infrastructure and public digital space investment that the Ministry of Education and EKT share maximises thus its value for educational purposes.

Benefits for all

  • Cost reduction and sustainability
  • Increased access and promotion of libraries role
  • Standardization supports making the most of unused content in libraries
  • Safe storage of content in EKT eInfrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery which safeguards content and service in case of disaster
  • Aggregation in unified search interface enables better use by the educational communities
  • Simple, sser friendly interface is accessible by all audiences (school, families etc)
  • Increased brand awareness online for libraries
  • Strengthening of libraries’ important role in local communities for social cohesion
  • Supporting libraries role in the global information network
  • Supporting Open Access, as libraries use and train others to use Open Access content
  • Skill sharing and technical knowledge sharing through eLearning and community development