Standards based cataloguing. User-friendly content management. 


Cataloguing is made easy with openABEKT. It is standards based, effective and user-friendly, even for novice cataloguers.

You can use ready-made standardized authorities and records, so that you develop your catalogue even faster. The latest edition of UNIMARC is fully incorporated into openABEKT while the platform allows dynamic updates. You can use a Basic Form for cataloguing every type of resource in every format. The Basic Form can be used effectively even by non experts in cataloguing. Expert cataloguers can use MarcEdictor, a state of the art, dynamic tool for experienced users. The Catalogue environment supports an array of roles for your personnel, ie Manager, Reviewer, Cataloguer and Discover. It also supports a number of workflows in order to ensure that you can develop your cooperative catalogue within a tightly formed framework of processes and responsibilities. openABEKT allows you to fully manage digital files of various formats, while offering safeguards to avoid duplication, errors and information loss. Through our Migration Service your existing content is mapped to UNIMARC, validated and enriched, for your new openABEKT tenant application.