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The Libraries community is made up of their staff and users and is an active community that is a key part of the network of Greek knowledge and information organizations. It is an informal, at present, network in Greece albeit with active presence and action. It includes organizations that by definition manage knowledge and content, and their primary role is to channel knowledge into the community they serve and to facilitate growth, innovation and entrepreneurship. The network consists of organizations such as Universities / Technological Educational Institutes, Research Centers, Academic, Special, Public and Municipal Libraries and, of course, the National Library.

Today, more than ever, all libraries, special, academic, public, primary, school, are required to be proactive in promoting their informative and educational profile. They operate in a complex, multicultural environment where continuous growth of information is coupled by fast development of technological media and a strong demand for quick and efficitent access to information. It is the most effective service, with the greatest penetration, for the development of research skills, lifelong learning skills and education, for the strengthening of cohesion in the local community and the development of multi-literacies skills for the school community. The immediate aim is to harness libraries’ role in the development of regional, decentralized infrastructures and skills for wider access to organized and authoritative digital content, covering the everyday professional, social and personal needs of the communities of users they serve.

We are already designing an open web site through which you can participate in debates about libraries and their services and in participating in developing collaborative actions (interlibrary, collaborative catalog development, etc.) and developing expanded community services for users.

Do not hesitate to email us at your feedback, your needs and any suggestions you have for new functions or services.