openABEKT service is developed and supported by:


  • ABEKT Development and Digital Management Unit:

George Stavrou, Head of ABEKT Development

Panagiotis Kontaxis, Software Engineer, ABEKT Development

Spilios Zidropoulos, Software developer, ABEKT Development

Vasilis Alexopoulos, IT Specialist-Network Engineer, ABEKT Development

  • ABEKT Services Unit:

Eleni Angelidi, Head of ABEKT Services

Mara Kounadi, Information Scientist, ABEKT Services

  • Documentation Unit:

Nikos Vasilogamvrakis, Information Scientist

Alexia Panagopoulou, Information Scientist

Paraskevas Kamatsos, Information Scientist

Katerina Bartzi, Information Scientist

Elena Lagoudi, Information Scientist

  • Systems and Networks Unit:

Manolis Megalooikonomou, IS Engineer

Michael Aggelos Simos, IS Engineer

Giorgos Zahariadis, IS Engineer

  • The Publicity and Communications Department:

Margaritis Proedrou, Head

Vasilis Doumanis, VCD Designer

Dimitra Pelekanou, VCD Designer

The site was created collaboratively by:

  • Structure and content: ABEKT Services Unit & Documentation Unit
  • UI/UX: Vasilis Doumanis, Publications and Digital Media Unit
  • Developement: Ioannis Xydias, Software Development Unit
  • Photography: John Voulgarakis

The site is updated by the ABEKT Services and the Documentation Units and supported by the Systems and Networks and Publicity and Communications Units.