Open, public access web environment with state of the art browse and search functions, in all metadata fields.



The Discovery environment offers a dynamic experience of searching and using your open, public access catalogue.

In a simple and elegant environment , your Catalogue is showcased as a contemporary knowledge infrastructure. Your catalogue is open and visible, navigation is intuitive, browsing and searching are done flexibly, in all records and metadata fields, while faceted search offers a dynamic discovery experience to your users. All or selected records and digital files can be presented to your public accompanied by the appropriate CC or other license that you will apply  to your content. Semantic links between resource records and authorities are shown in a new, upgraded context. Metrics and statistics offer a whole new picture of your content at a glance.
Content Discovery includes a series of additional functions  for the verified users of your library personnel, for example: quick access to records for editing, open Authorities Catalogues, etc.