ΑΒΕΚΤ: more than 30 years at the Libraries Public Service

We hold a prominent place in the library public services and automation sector. Since 1986 we develop ABEKT, the Integrated Library System for libraries’ automation, with a goal to support Greek libraries and Greek content. Through constant e-learning and support services we maximize the benefits of ABEKT's operations so that  our users take full advantage of our services since 2000.

For ABEKT’s workflows analysis  we took on board the existing practices and needs of the Greek libraries, while we developed the system based on international principles and good practices, aiming to facilitate inter-library cooperation content and service wise. ABEKT software has been distributed to a wide network: more than 2.670 libraries, out of which 875 libraries with 80 branches(955 installations) have versions 5.00, 5.5 and 5.6. ABEKT has been offered free of charge to more than 900 school libraries, 46 central government-public, 38 Academic and 147 local government-public libraries.

You can find more details about the existing network of ABEKT users on the following links: http://abekt.ekt.gr/libs, http://abekt.ekt.gr/libs/school and http://abekt.ekt.gr/node/121.

openABEKT: full in line with the rapid technological developments

Recognizing the needs of the libraries nationwide, but also the international framework, which demands making full use of national infrastructures and economies of scale, we designed and developed ABEKT’s new and upgraded version, openABEKT, which comes as a complete cloud service.
openABEKT was developed through the project "A Platform for the Deposit, Management and Delivery of Open Metadata and Digital Content" which was implemented by the National Documentation Centre within the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence" (NSFR), co-funded by Greece and the European Union-European Regional Development Fund.
Within the framework of this project, EKT developed new services offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. SaaS offers economies of scale, as it frees users from expenditure associated with infrastructure and maintenance, since storage, maintenance and backups happen exclusively online, through EKT’s Cloud infrastructure.