The Greek Social Sciences and Humanities Index: a useful research tool for SSH.

18/10/2016 - 12:15

The Greek Social Sciences and Humanities Index ( collects, documents and preserves the authoritative Greek scientific publications of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). More than 90 journals and 26.000 articles can now be searched, browsed and used.

OpenABEKT was used for the Index which offers multiple ways to navigate this very interesting content.The project’s goal was to to organize, document and showcase the scientific production of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the country, to serve the needs of the scientific community and contribute to the development of a collaborative network among research institutes and publishers in the country . At the same time, the project set the basis for the emergence of national statistics and metrics for Greek scientific production, facilitating the development of research policies and accelerating alignment with international initiatives and policies.

The Index offers thematic search in 10921 articles in Social Sciences and 25630 in Humanities, with subjects ranging from Psychology to Law and Arts to History and Archaeology.

See below all the subjects covered by the Index:
Social Sciences [10921]
Psychology [513]
Economics and Business [2476]
Educational sciences [1715]
Sociology [1981]
Law [966]
Political Science [1568]
Social and economic geography [252]
Media and communications [245]
Other social sciences [874]

Humanities [25630]
History and Archaeology [10842]
Languages and Literature [4494]
Philosophy, Ethics and Religion [5883]
Arts [3359]
Other Humanities [1024]