openABEKT: EKT's new public service available for libraries

01/03/2017 - 17:00

The National Documentation Centre (ΕΚΤ) is now offering a new, public service for libraries. openABEKT is the new and upgraded version of ABEKT, the most widespread library automation software, developed by EKT since 1986 and servicing over 2670 libraries and other organizations, such as museums and archives.

The platform

openABEKT is a complete cloud service for managing library catalogue and functions. It comes with new features and functions and has a friendly user interface, even for non-experts. With a goal to support library functions, it offers upgraded features. It helps minimize costs associated with maintenance and support of hardware and software, as well as library labor intensive workflows.  
The platform offers 3 environments: catalogue, discover and workflows & functions.



It is the core of the public service offered to libraries and other content providers that have increased management needs, workflows such as documentation, authorities, digital asset management, patrons functions, stats and reports etc.

The Central Public Access Catalogue

Each library application feeds into the central openABEKT Catalogue, a public access discovery environment which collects and offers for search all content from all libraries using openABEKT, in a single interface.  It offers a single search point for all the library catalogues available in openABEKT using a multitude of filters and faceted search.



The service

A full suite of services and applications are part of openABEKT service, which is offered online as a SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that it is hosted in our Cloud Infrastructure, so it has minimal impact on the library’s IT resources and no hardware additional costs: the library doesn’t need to install a software in their PCs, maintain it or back it up. All a library needs is a reliable internet connection and a current browser, as the service runs online, saving the libraries a considerable cost for maintenance, hardware and software licensing.

EKT hosts the application and the content and we offer a suite of online support services, as well as real-time online access to the content and services to the public. Additional services include cloud storage space, regular backups, preservation of data, hosted in our high speed cloud infrastructure and disaster recovery.

The openABEKT service comprises of the following suite of online components:
1. openABEKT Wizard, where users initially define certain aspects of the application (URL, logo, user management etc.).
2. EKT Cloud, which ensures required storage space, system resources, high service availability and regular back ups.
3. Content Migration service, with data metrics & statistics analysis, data validation and enrichment.
4. openABEKT customized web platform, which consists of 4 environments Catalogue, Discover, Workflows & Functions, Platform Administration.
5. eLearning, which offers 24/7 full training on the use of the openABEKT web platform.
6. eKnowledgeBase, which offers 24/7 useful material to support of the service.
7. eHelpdesk, which offers e-support for users of the service.
8. Disaster Recovery, which ensures that the library’s application and its content are safe in case of emergencies



You can find more about the cost, how to get it and more on the website.

Previous versions

Gradually, all libraries using ABEKT 5.6 will move their catalogues to openABEKT. While ABEKT 5.6 will be supported till 2018, it will not longer be available to lease. You can use our Expression of Interest form to request openABEKT.

openABEKT was developed through the project "A Platform for the Deposit, Management and Delivery of Open Metadata and Digital Content" which was implemented by the National Documentation Centre within the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence" (NSFR), co-funded by Greece and the European Union-European Regional Development Fund.
Within the framework of this project, EKT developed new services offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. SaaS offers economies of scale, as it frees users from expenditure associated with infrastructure and maintenance, since storage, maintenance and backups happen exclusively online, through EKT’s Cloud infrastructure.