A cloud based platform for your catalogue and library functions.

A cloud based platform for your catalogue and library functions,
opening up your public access catalogue to the world.


  • openABEKT platform is being offered as an Integrated Software as a Service (Saas)  hosted, maintained and secured  by EKT’s Cloud Infrastructure. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a current browser.
  • It comes with a full suite of support services,  eLearning, eKnowledgeBase and eHelpdesk.
  • It ensures that your metadata is of good quality, digital files are fully managed and that both experienced and novice cataloguers use it effectively .
  • It is  perfect for libraries and other content-rich organizations with complex needs for managing content, users, members and multiple workflows.
  • It is a cloud based upgration for ABEKT, the Integrated Library System developed by EKT since 1986. ABEKT has a large user base (more than 2500 libraries, museums, archives and other organizations).

The openABEKT platform is a multi-tenant system, which means that it generates autonomous web applications for each library . Each application can be configured and the  library can set out their own communications preferences (URL, logo, etc),  users and rights groups.
The application consists of 3 environments:

  1. Catalogue: an internal environment, accessible to verified users, where the library catalogues and manages content
  2. Discover: the public access environment where collections are open for discovery through browse, search functions
  3. Workflows and Functions: an internal environment where holdings,patrons, circulation services, reports and statistics are managed

Each tenant application feeds into the central public access openABEKT Catalogue, a public access discovery environment which collects and offers for search all content from all libraries using openABEKT, in a single interface.  openABEKT central open access  Catalogue offers multi-criteria and faceted search functions in all the aggregated catalogues.